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A tattoo is an expression of art thus, to make your tattoo stand out, you need to be guided by the best.

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Do you want to get a tattoo but are worried about the experience? Will it be painful? Or will it even look good? Well, you deserve a tattoo studio that removes all your worries and makes getting inked a wholesome experience. Attitudio Studio is a tattoo studio in Delhi that brings you top-notch tattoo services undertaken by only the most artistic professionals. Choose from a catalog of bold designs and lighter drawings, colorful mixes, and jet-black styles. We are not just experts in Permanent Tattoos, we also provide precise body piercing, Tattoo Training in Delhi as well as the Tattoo Removal in Delhi.

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Explore our gallery to see our proudest work. We believe tattoos are self-expression and take pride in bringing your ideas to life. With a diverse range of custom designs, from bold and intricate to delicate and subtle, our experienced artists specialize in various styles and techniques. Discover inspiration for your next ink adventure, whether you seek a small, meaningful piece or a full-sleeve masterpiece. At Attitudio, we ensure every tattoo reflects your individuality.

Our Stats

Attitudio is an award-winning tattoo studio with 15 years of working experience. Having served more than five thousand customers, Attitudio works towards achieving customer satisfaction and artistic brilliance.


Get A Free Tattoo Consultation Today!

For anyone who wants to get a permanent tattoo in Delhi but does not know where to begin, Attitudio has everything they need to know about getting the perfect tattoo through our free tattoo consultation.

Our experienced tattoo artist will take time out to assist you with your queries and goals regarding getting inked for the first time in general or with us.

During your consultation, we’ll discuss design options, placement, size, color, and any other details you’d like to incorporate into your tattoo.

Our goal is to ensure that you’re comfortable and confident with your decision before you commit to getting inked.

Varun-Arora- designing tattoo at tattoo studio

Whether you’re a complete tattoo newbie or a seasoned collector, our welcoming and professional studio is the perfect place to discuss your next piece. We offer free consultations with no pressure, so come share your ideas and let’s turn your tattoo dreams into reality!

Why Attitudio Tattoo

Attitudio Studio is the hub of professional tattoo artists that is ready to give you the perfect inking you dream of. Be it small, simple designs or detailed, complex ones, we are the best tattoo studio to cater to all your inking ideas.

12 years of professional expertise

Rest assured, as you experience the best tattoo design and removal services executed by the right tattoo artist in Delhi with a collective experience of 12 years.

LQBTQ friendly

We celebrate diversity. Our studio is a safe haven where individuals of all genders are encouraged to express themselves freely through the art of tattooing, you’ll find a warm and inclusive atmosphere awaiting you.

State-of-the-art facility

Your safety is our topmost concern, and this is why our studio is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities. With cleanliness-conscious staff, advanced laser equipment and  consistently sanitized  studio.

Pocket friendly

Getting tattoo designs should be an enjoyable endeavor and not a way to burn the pocket. Attitudio’s tattooing services are easily accessible and quite affordable for everyone!

Award Winning

Award-by-Sonu-Sood as the best tattoo studio in Delhi

Sonu Sood

We are thrilled to share that Attitudio Tattoo has been awarded the Best Tattoo Studio in Delhi in 2021 by the Bollywood movie actor celebrity Sonu Sood. Our state-of-the-art facility and experienced artists have been recognized for their exceptional work and dedication to creating unique and stunning tattoos for our clients. Thank you for choosing Attitudio as your trusted tattoo destination.

Award-by-Hina-Khan for the best tattoo studio

Hina Khan

We are proud to announce that Attitudio Tattoo has been awarded the Best Tattoo Brand in Delhi in 2020 by the popular TV show actor celebrity Hina Khan. This recognition is a testament to our commitment to providing the highest quality tattoo services and exceptional customer satisfaction.

About us

Varun is one of the best tattoo artists, heading the Attitudio Tattoo & Art Studio. Our establishment is a prominent name in the tattoo industry. We are especially known for having served customers from all backgrounds with the best tattoo services. We bring excellence as never seen before to help our clients realize their creative dreams of getting inked with premium designs, which helped us build a reputation as the best tattoo studio in Delhi.

Varun, with passion and precision, leads high-end projects, turning visions into living art. His brilliance shines in every crafted piece, earning him acclaim in a competitive field.

The team here holds experts in both classic and innovative tattoos. Though Varun loves to play with ink his personal favorites are Freestyle, Realism, Dotwork, and Color, New sc. Excellence is guaranteed, no matter your choice.

tattoo training by tattoo artist- Varun Arora

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